Int’l, indigenous NGOs sign MoU towards boosting health services in Nigeria

Sat, Mar 18, 2023
By editor


THE Aides Small Project International (ASPI) and Project CURE International, both Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), have signed an MoU to uplift and improve health services in Nigeria.

The President/CEO of ASPI, Mr Moses Owharo, said this at the official signing ceremony of partnership with the leadership of Project CURE, in Washington DC, U.S.

The Project CURE team was led by Mrs Melisa Esposti, Director of Government and NGO Relations, in-charge of the organisation’s office in Washington DC, U.S.

Owharo noted that ASPI had carried out several health intervention programmes in the past and commended Project CURE for the success recorded in Africa since their relationship started in 2017.

He said, “Today after a long ride, we have finally arrived and this partnership will make us forge ahead at this moment we are here to sign an MoU.

“The MoU is a demonstration of commitment by both partners to work together in continuing to deliver health services, for uplifting and improving health situation of citizens in deprived communities.

“Specifically, through health infrastructure that delivers integrated approaches with medical equipment to health centres, primary health posts and community health centre education, to reach rural poor in Africa.

“ASPI Nigeria is proposing a three-year project with Project CURE and USAID under which ASPI intends to expand its activities in Africa.”

He identified the project to include health infrastructure, community integrated, maternal child health improvement and disease prevention programmes in West African countries.

Owharo listed the benefiting countries to include Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Sierra-Leone and Sudan, saying that the organisation would also work closely with USAID to achieve the desired goals.

“For the success of this project we will work with USAID, the diplomatic community, local and international stakeholders to mobilize the needed rescues and capacity to fully execute it.

“The project supports in-service training and supervision for health care providers in malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB, family planning, reproductive health and economic household resiliency to improve nutritional status.

“Refurbishment of primary health facilities, provision of medical equipment, pre-service training for midwives and support for universal coverage of families with long lasting insecticidal nets in beneficiary communities,” he added.

He, however, said the Africa business Ventures and Investment group, a private organisation, would inaugurate its maiden infrastructure climate change and investment conference in Washington DC, to boost economic growth.

Responding, Esposti described partnership with ASPI to be apt, in the bid to tackle global health challenges.

“I feel excited partnering with ASPI in forthcoming three years, to deliver medical supplies and equipment, so we plan to send 40-foot containers based on available funds.

“Those 40-foot containers will have everything from hospital beds, to wheelchairs to sutures and everything needed to set up and run a hospital.

“Project CURE can also provide training to community health workers; based on value of training in midwifery, cervical cancer screening, different surgeries and other guidance we can offer.

“So, we look forward to the MoU today, to work with you, hopefully with some funding and support from USAID,” Esposti said.

ASPI seeks to improve health, livelihood and create economic opportunities for women and their families, as well as reduce preventable child, maternal morbidity and mortality rate.

Project CURE is a Christian nonprofit-based organisation that operate on a global network of charitable children’s hospitals in low and middle income countries. (NAN)