Lamidi Apapa Lost in the Waters of Apapa Quays

Thu, May 18, 2023
By editor


By Pat Uchendu

POLITICAL drama is like a second skin to Nigeria, and when it moves into the courtroom, clowns turn real jesters. Nigeria and indeed the world saw one in Lamidi Apapa, the latest joker in the APC pack of theatrics who claims that his nomenclature should read _”national chairman of Labour Party”_

In the Presidential Petition Tribunal that is trying to unknot what APC and Prof Yakubu Mohmoud-led INEC cooked in the wee hours of the morning when INEC announced the result that numbed the nation, the latest character in the APC inglorious scheme manifested in Mr Lamidi Apapa. After the fisticuffs we saw in court yesterday, the confused Lamidi Apapa seems to lose his bearing. From saying he wanted to withdraw Labour Party’s petition to saying he wanted to defend the mandate. Did he collect old and new Naira notes?!

Many conjectures have tried to understand why an otherwise sane person would for certain percunial reasons decide to ridicule himself to the extent we have seen in Mr Apapa, and I find only one answer plausible. Here was a ship destined to anchor at the deep waters of patronage from APC but unfortunately he ran aground before the waters of the wharf. Perhaps Apapa wharf. Another derailed dubious mission from APC!

Uchendu writes for PO Express Media, POEM.