Malnutrition: Expert tasks nursing mothers on exclusive breastfeeding

A Yola-based Nutrition Expert, Mrs Ijagila Dewa, has urged nursing mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding in the interest of their babies’ health


Dewa,  a Nutrition Officer at the Adamawa State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, made the call at a health education and food demonstration workshop in Yola on Monday.

She said it is highly beneficial for mothers to breastfeed their babies exclussively for the first six months.

She added that “during this period, there is no need to give babies any water but breastmilk exclusively.

“Don’t forget that breastmilk contains about 85 per cent of water and 15 per cent of food and other minerals that the body needs.”

She, therefore, urged nursing mothers not to wait until their babies exhibit signs of hunger before breastfeeding them.

She said “I must tell you all that the issue of malnutrition among infants has become worrisome.

“Crying is the last sign of hunger, sometimes you notice that your baby is putting fingers into the mouth, don’t wait for these signs.”

Dewa further urged nursing mothers to empty one breast before giving the other so that the baby would get both the hind milk and the fore milk.

“As a nursing mother, you are expected to eat good food to enrich your milk and keep your baby healthy,” she advised. (NAN)