Mobile, internet ‘gradually’ restored in Gaza

COMMUNICATIONS networks in the Gaza Strip have been partially restored after an outage lasting more than 15 hours.

According to the Palestinian company Paltel, which is based in the West Bank, landlines, mobile phones and the internet in various areas “gradually” began to function again on Monday morning.

Israel had switched off the main network lines on Sunday evening, it said.

There was no confirmation of this from the Israeli side.

The organisation Netblocks, which monitors internet blackouts, confirmed on the platform X, formerly Twitter, that the internet connection had been restored.

“Overall service remains significantly below pre-war levels,’’ it said.
It was the third telecommunications outage since the war between Gaza’s ruling Islamist Hamas and Israel began on October 7. (dpa/NAN) 


-November 06, 2023 @ 14:15 GMT |