N/ Korea revoke law on economic cooperation with South Korea

Thu, Feb 8, 2024
By editor


NORTH Korea has revoked a law on promoting economic cooperation on the Korean Peninsula, following a decision to designate South Korea as its number one enemy.

State media reported on Thursday.

The standing committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) passed the decision during a session in Pyongyang, the report said.

All existing agreements on economic cooperation were declared void.

A law permitting international travel to a special zone in the Kumgang Mountains on the east coast, where both countries jointly operated a tourism programme, was also revoked.

The neighbors were no longer communicating amid rising tensions. At the end of 2023, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un described relations as being those between warring states at a session of the ruling Workers’ Party of North Korea.

He also called for South Korea to be described as the main enemy in the socialist constitution.

The SPA later decided to dissolve three bodies dealing with inter-Korean dialogue.

South Korea’s Ministry of Unification said that bilateral agreements on economic cooperation could not be unilaterally revoked and that Seoul continued to see the agreements as valid, national public broadcaster KBS reported.

Tensions has rised in the region after Pyongyang increased the frequency of its missile tests over the past two years and also adopted a harsher tone in its rhetoric regarding the United States and South Korea.

In response, Washington and Seoul have increased their military cooperation. (dpa/NAN)

8th February, 2024.