National Gallery of Arts celebrates creativity 

Tue, May 28, 2024
By editor


THE National Gallery of Arts, Lagos Station, on Monday commemorated Children’s Day with an exhibition, showcasing the artistic prowess of young creatives.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the event was held at the Aina Onabolu Studio, National Theatre Complex, Lagos.

NAN also reports that the theme of the celebration is : “Visual Art as a Panacea for the Growth of Our Economy”.

The Director General, National Gallery of Arts, Ahmed Sodangi, in his keynote address, emphasised the importance of visual arts in driving economic growth and national development.

Sodangi also emphasised the importance of nurturing the creative potential of Nigerian children.

He encouraged parents to support their children’s passion for art, citing its potential to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s economy and cultural heritage.

He noted that the programme exposed children to various forms of art, fostering their understanding of topical, social, cultural and national issues.

Sodangi commended the students, who were drawn from public and private primary and secondary schools in Lagos State, encouraging them to continue exploring their talents.

He said that the vision of the National Gallery of Arts was to harness the artistic creativity of Nigerian children, for national development.

The Curator of the event, Dr Peace Odogwu, also stressed the significance of visual arts in driving economic growth and national development.

“Today, we gather to celebrate the creative potential of our young ones, and to explore the transformative power of visual art in shaping our economy and society.

“Visual arts has the capacity to revitalise our economy, foster innovation, and promote cultural diversity.

“Through art, we can create jobs, drive tourism, and stimulate economic growth in our communities,” she said.

She also said that passion and talent had the power to enrich our culture and also contribute to the growth of our economy.

“Remember, art is not just a hobby or a form of self-expression; it is a powerful tool for social change and economic development.

“To our parents and guardians, I urge you to support your children’s creative endeavous, recognising the immense potential of art to shape their future and our collective prosperity.

“Let us celebrate the creativity and imagination of our children, and let us harness the power of visual arts, to build a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come,” she said.

NAN reports that the event featured an impressive display of works of art by  children, demonstrating their boundless creativity and talent. (NAN)


May 28, 2024