Nigeria Will Never Break Up

Fri, Dec 13, 2013
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Ndubuisi Godwin Kanu, a former military governor of Imo and Lagos states dismisses fears that Nigeria will breakup in 2015

|  By Okafor Chinwe  |  Dec. 23, 2013 @ 01:00 GMT

DESPITE the political intrigues rocking the polity ahead of the 2015 general elections, Nigeria will not disintegrate. This is the position of Godwin Ndubuisi Kanu, former military governor of Imo and Lagos states. Speaking at the presentation of his book, entitled: “Nigeria: The Unfinished Business, Selected Speeches of Rear Admiral Godwin Ndubuisi Kanu, in Lagos, he said: ” I am optimistic that this country will not disintegrate in 2015 because the bond holding it is very strong.”

A cross section of the audience at the occassion
A cross section of the audience at the occassion

Said Kanu, a one-time leader of the National Democratic Coalition, NADECO: “Nigeria remains indivisible despite its many challenges.” He, however, noted that only dialogue among the various ethnic nationalities could keep the nation as one. “I don’t believe as many pessimists do that Nigeria will break but it will not be the same again if at the planned national conference by President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerians decide how they want to live together. If the people have the final say at the national conference, Nigeria will be better for it.

“I must say that what is important today, in this country is that we need a constitution that will bind us together because whether President Jonathan is going to contest or not in 2015 is not paramount. For me, the national conference is more important than the 2015 general elections because we can’t continue to conduct elections on a fraudulent constitution. The 1999 constitution must be changed. We need to have a new constitution that will detail how we are going to live together as one Nigeria. It’s only the people’s constitution that will tell the future and progress of this country,” Kanu said.

His view was also shared by Ayo Adebanjo, NADECO and Afenifere leader, who said that those agitating that President Goodluck Jonathan should not contest the 2015 election should have a re-think, because according to him, the forthcoming national conference is more important than the election. He said election is a secondary issue because the country needs to have a constitution that the people agree upon and not an imposed one like the 1999 constitution.

Ihejiahi unveiling the book
Ihejiahi unveiling the book

Kanu thanked all who attended the event for their presence. “I thank every one of you for honouring my invitation and I also thank my colleagues who are also still in this struggle for a better Nigeria, where justice and egalitarianism will hold supreme. I have no doubt that there might be some imperfections in the book, or some issues which some people might not be on the same page with me. However, I know I still have a lot to do, especially through the NADECO forum, towards attaining a nation-state that this country ought to be,” Kanu said.

The 260-page book containing about 21 selected speeches of Kanu was co-authored by Ndubuisi Ofondu, Ogbonna Oleka and Kalu Onuma and reviewed by Okey Ifionu, a reverend and former deputy managing director, MD, of ThisDay Newspapers. The occasion was attended by Nigerians from all walks of life, including Alex Ekwueme, former Vice President of Nigeria, Ayo Adebanjo and Walter Ofonagoro, former ministers of information, Alex Otti, chief executive officer, CEO, Diamond Bank, and Reginald Ihejiahi, chief executive officer, CEO, Fidelity Bank, among other dignitaries.