Mo Ibrahim Prize’s Idea for Jonathan #Nigeriadecides

Mo Ibrahim


THE statesmanlike disposition of President Goodluck Jonathan in conceding defeat to the General Muhammadu Buhari, president elect, in the March 28, presidential election, has earned President Goodluck Jonathan the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, MIF, prize for African Leadership. According to a statement from the foundation’s website, “The news from Nigeria today is wonderful. Africa’s largest country has concluded a peaceful election process.”

The statement said that the incumbent had already gracefully conceded and congratulated his successor – a first for Nigeria and a benchmark for other African countries to follow. Today, we Africans are all proud of Nigeria and President Jonathan. Thank you Mr. President. If you are seeking a legacy, you have definitely achieved it.”

The Mo Ibrahim Prize is the largest annually awarded prize in the world, consisting of US$5 million over ten years and US$200,000 per year for life thereafter. The foundation recognises and celebrates African leaders who have developed their countries, lifted people out of poverty and paved the way for sustainable and equitable prosperity and highlights exceptional role models for the continent. To ensures that Africa continues to benefit from the experience and expertise of exceptional leaders when they leave national office, by enabling them to continue in other public roles on the continent.

— Apr. 13, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT


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