World Energy Cities Partnership, OTC Hold Integrated Events

Christine Helgø


THE third day of the 20th World Energy Cities Partnership, WECP, annual general meeting was integrated with the first day of activities of OTC Brazil, at Riocentro. Participants got to see debates on “Public Policies and Research and Development in the Oil & Gas sector” and “Urban Transformation Projects”, as well as take part in the trade fair.

During the seminar on urban transformation, projects financed through public-private partnerships in Rio de Janeiro were presented in the first panel. The second panel featured the cities of Karamay, Halifax, Esbjerg and Daqing debating the challenges in transforming a city’s infrastructure in order to improve quality of life and stimulating business development.

Brazil, Norway and the United States opened the first panel on research and development providing an overview of each regional market and an outlook on the future. During the second panel, four of the main representatives of Brazil’s scientific oil and gas research society debated the challenges of integrating the oil and gas industry with the research and development areas of universities.

The WECP wraps up its annual meeting with its Board of Directors’ meeting in the facilities of the Rio de Janeiro State Industries Federation (Firjan) on October 28.  On the agenda is a discussion on global energy matrix tendencies. The meeting will also feature the transition of the entity’s presidency, with Christine Helgø (Stavanger) passing the position to Michael Savage (Halifax).

WECP, the entity that unites 23 global energy hub cities from 19 of the main oil-producing countries in the world, holds the event for the first time in Rio de Janeiro, with the presence of 14 delegations, seven of them led by mayors.

The WECP annual general meeting began on October 25, and has featured events in the GE Global Research Center, at UFRJ Technology Park, and Riocentro.

— October 28, 2015 @ 4:20 GMT


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