Only 10 German clubs have international ambitions, ex-Bundesliga official says

Thu, May 25, 2023
By editor


 FORMER Bundesliga chief Christian Seifert believes the failure of a big-money investment deal for the German Football League (DFL) will lead to stagnation.

A vote by clubs on Wednesday rejected a proposal to invite an investor into the top two German divisions.

League rules mean clubs cannot have majority shareholders, and so the idea of investment into the league itself was raised.

“If everyone is pulling in different directions, then in the end nothing changes,” Seifert, who was hugely respected during his long tenure before stepping down in 2021, told an audience in Frankfurt late on Wednesday.

“Only around 10 clubs in the Bundesliga have international ambitions,” he added, stating that the vote against an investor will now mean a “couple of clubs will find things more difficult” on the international business stage.

Bayern Munich have long complained that the current German system means they cannot compete with top European rivals.

Fellow heavyweights Borussia Dortmund can end Bayern Munich’s 10-year reign as Bundesliga champions with a win at home to Mainz in Saturday’s season finale.(dpa/NAN)