Osun PDP reacts to APC's criticism of Governor Adeleke's health sector policy

Fri, Sep 29, 2023
By editor


THE Osun State PDP has asked the All Progressives Congress, APC, to busy itself with substance engagement of the administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke instead of frivolities and idle talks reminiscent of a confused, gasping opposition.

Sunday Bisi, Osun PDP chairman, condemned attempt by the APC to distract attention of Nigerians from the import of Governor Ademola Adeleke in his address delivered by Akindele Adekunle, special adviser on Public Health, at the annual symposium organized by the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Health science, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

While Adele was admonishing the surgeons to join hands with the government at all levels and across the states of the federation, to address what is fast becoming a national emergency of mass emigration in the health sector, the APC minnows were quick to infuse their ‘one corner politics’ into such critical issue.

Adeleke, in essence, was laying credence to his workable interventions in the health sector by providing a conducive working environment for doctors and other health practitioners with a view to motivating them to stay on their job in the country and not just Osun State. Attendence at the symposium was well beyond the conceptual sphere of Osun State and even Nigeria, and one wonders how it was so difficult for the APC to understand this.

The state APC wanderers are advised to limit themselves to their hand to mouth politics and not poke near frank and productive interaction that is strange to their anti-people DNA.

APC record in the health sector in the state was not only terrible but frightening. Many consultants and doctors in critical departments in the state health facilities who have left their job by force of resignation or death were never replaced. All entreaties made to them by these doctors to look into their deteriorating working conditions were rebuffed throughout their inglorious reign in the state.

Today, doctors in the state owned Uniosun Teaching Hospital, and other health facilities are now being treated with the dignity they deserve. The Residency Training Allowance hitherto forbidden by the APC has already been approved for the doctors, amongst many other frantic efforts of Governor Ademola Adeleke, to turn around the all important sector.

It is therefore strange that APC would conjure some filthy guts to criticize the efforts of Governor Ademola Adeleke in addressing the mess piled up by the APC in this regard for several years. That to us was nothing but affront on common sense.

According to him, the good people of the state must note that the PDP government of Governor Ademola Adeleke has and will not sack any personnel in the state health sector. Those placed  on hold were the knee jerking haphazard and wishy-washy trappings set by the teary government of yesterday.

A government that needed to wait till it got hammered by the electorate in the state couldn’t have had any other intentions than to destroy the state with all sorts of wee hours, vengeful decisions, which the new government had to reverse for a fraud proof and desperation free process, he said.


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