Over 426,000 people displaced in Afghanistan in 2019

Taliban militants
Taliban militants

THE ongoing conflict in Afghanistan displaced more than 426,500 people in 32 of 34 provinces of the embattled country in 2019, according to data released by the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Over 177,500 people who were internally displaced fled their homes from four north-eastern provinces of Afghanistan.

Taliban militants escalated their operations in north-eastern provinces during 2019, leaving thousands of Afghans forces dead and wounded.

According to the data, the eastern provinces of Afghanistan had over 74,000 displaced people.

Those provinces had been one of the main battlegrounds between Islamic States fighters, Taliban militants and Afghan security forces.

The overall number of internally displaced people in Afghanistan in 2018 was over 385,000.

Battles in the country had increased in 2019 during talks between the U.S. and the Islamist militant Taliban about a political solution to the conflict.

According to experts, both sides tried to improve their negotiating positions through military success.

According to OCHA, 9.4 million people were identified to be in need of humanitarian and protection assistance in Afghanistan in 2020 due to conflict and natural disasters.

OCHA further said humanitarian partners are urgently seeking 733 million U.S. dollars in aid for 7.1 million people this year. (dpa/NAN)

– Jan. 6, 2020 @ 13:45 GMT |

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