Pakistan busts gang transplanting kidneys to wealthy foreigners

Tue, Mar 14, 2023
By editor


PAKISTANI authorities have busted a gang involved in the illegal transplant of kidneys to wealthy foreigners, a practice flourishing in the impoverished nation amid an economic crisis.

Police and health department rangers raided a hidden clinic in the city of Rawalpindi near the capital Islamabad on Monday night arresting 10 people including doctors and nurses.

Hassan Akhtar, head of a team from the Punjab Human Organ and Transplant Authority, said three suspected donors and two recipients, one each from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, were also arrested.

Akhtar who led the team said further raids were being conducted on Tuesday to arrest the remaining members of the network.

The network included several people who would go to villages and small towns in the central province of Punjab and convince people to sell kidneys to wealthy foreigners, mostly from Arab countries and some from Europe.

Wealthy foreign buyers pay up to 50,000 dollars for a kidney transplant, but the bulk of the money goes to middlemen and the donor hardly gets around 3,000 dollars, according to a nephrologist in Islamabad.

Pakistan enacted a law to control the illegal sale of body organs in 2010 that envisaged up to 10 years in jail and a fine for transplants other than at established hospitals.

However, the law has not been able to control the practice due to corruption, rising poverty and established criminal gangs working beyond the country’s borders, experts said. (dpa/NAN)