Platform for Power Sector Exhibitors

Fri, Oct 4, 2013
By publisher


Power Nigeria, a three-day exhibition and seminars, offers a platform for stakeholders in the energy and power sector to showcase development in the sector

MANUFACTURERS of equipment in the energy sector, especially the Africa power industry used the occasion of Power Nigeria, which held from October 2 to October 4, in Lagos, to showcase their latest products.  The event brought together top organisations from Africa and around the world offering related products and services for a booming regional energy sector. Power Nigeria served as a comprehensive platform for exhibitors to showcase their wares in the power generation, transmission and distribution, lighting and renewable energy, nuclear energy and water sectors.

Leading the way was the Oman-based manufacturer of power and distribution transformers, Voltamp Energy, which presented its latest range of power transformers extending up to 315 megawatts. “We’re expanding our product portfolio to further enhance our brand name in the local and African regional power sector. The power transformers market is growing strongly and Power Nigeria will provide a platform to benefit from this growth while providing an opportunity to diversify our product portfolio,” said Aasit Naik, general manager of Central Marketing at Voltamp Energy.

A Bulgarian company, International Power Supply, also used the occasion to launched its  new modular hybrid power system, Exeron, designed to combine power effectively from different sources of energy including sun, wind, diesel generator and grid.

Also, the Faraday Centre, a United Kingdom-based training specialist, promoted its newly built training facility in Lagos, providing training in high and low voltage for the land, marine and offshore industries.

One of the interesting highlights of the three-day event in Nigeria’s largest city was the free-to-attend technical seminars featuring renowned experts from around the world discussing the latest developments in the energy sector. Radwan Halabi of the UAE-based National Fire Fighting Manufacturing Co, NAFFCO, conducted the first session in the morning of the three-day seminar on certified firefighting systems and equipment. He was joined by Zahidul Islam from BRB Cable Industries who made a presentation about electric cables and wires.

IIIdar Ginayatullin from Mars Energo and Wale Raphael Yusuff from Clarke Energy, who were among the final speakers at the seminar, made presentations about test and calibration equipments and gas engines for captive power and independent power producers, IPP. “The free-to-attend technical seminars gave visitors an opportunity to hear expert presentations about the energy sector, while the Power Nigeria exhibition was the best place to see the latest technology and intelligent energy solutions the industry has to offer,” said Anita Mathews, director of Informa Energy Group, organisers of Power Nigeria.

Commenting on the Nigerian power sector, Mathews said: “The Nigerian power sector has been struggling to meet demand with a number of generation units in the power plants across the country operating much lower than their installed capacity. Investments have to be made in the funding of all the regional power systems to develop the available resource potential for power generation to eventually cater to the country’s growing electricity demand. Power Nigeria provides the platform for stakeholders to take this forward.”

Power Nigeria is supported by the federal ministry of power, Nigerian Association for Energy Economics, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission and The Foundation for the Development of Africa.

– Oct. 14, 2013 @ 01:00 GMT