Poem:  A Peaceful Nigerian Night.

Sat, Jan 27, 2024
By editor


By David P Carroll.

The night sky

Is so beautiful 

And the Nigerian 

People are so peaceful to

And we’ll sing along to

This beautiful love song 

And all the Nigerian people will sing and clap along and the stars will 

Shine so bright in Abuja tonight 

And it’s a beautiful sight to be in 

Magical and peaceful Nigeria tonight.

Sunny Day In Nigeria.

By David P Carroll.

On a warm summer’s day 

In beautiful and peaceful 


Today the sun is shining

So bright and the fresh smell of scented 

Flowers are blowing softly in the warm sunlight 

And the cherry blossom trees

Sway side to side in the cool breeze 

And Nigeria is the place to be and 

I’m sitting watching the delicate petals

Falling softly to the 

Ground and there’s not even a sound

And the bright daffodils

And tulips are smiling in the warm

Sunlight and there swaying side to side and 

They are so beautiful and bright 

And the colourful rainbow in the clear 

Blue sky as the little birds fly by 

And it’s a warm sunny day and 

It’s time to drink my Chapman today 

And to enjoy the sounds and scents of this 

Sunny day and it’s so 

Magically perfect and wonderful 

To be in Abuja today and I’m 

Listening to the little birds singing 

So softly and it soothes my soul and 

Warms my heart 

And it’s eternally beautiful 

And peaceful in Nigeria.


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