Bayelsa Uncovers Plan to Disrupt Governor Dickson’s Anniversary



THE Bayelsa State government has raised an alarm that some hoodlums allegedly sponsored by the All Progressives Congress, APC, were planning to disrupt the one-year anniversary of the re-election of Governor Henry Seriake Dickson.

A detailed statement issued on Sunday, February 12, by Boma Spero-Jack, special adviser to the governor on Security Matters, said findings by government’s intelligence network indicated that the leadership of the opposition in the state was inciting Bayelsans through vile propaganda and blatant deceits “to cause mayhem in the state ahead of the fifth anniversary of the Restoration Government of Honourable Henry Seriake Dickson coming up on February 14.”

He said: “The plan by the thinning opposition in Bayelsa State to breach the existing peace in the state has been uncovered by the security agencies. This is not the first time the enemies of democracy and the Ijaw Nation would attempt to cause crisis in the state. But for the leadership of Governor Dickson, the security agencies and the cooperation of well-meaning Bayelsans, these same desperadoes would have thrown our state into a senseless crisis which would have resulted in the destruction of lives and national assets.

“The Bayelsa State Government will not fold its arms and watch disgruntled and desperate politicians most of whom are serial political aspirants and serial electoral losers, disrupt the peace the Restoration Government has labored over the years to restore to the Glory of all Lands. Therefore, the Security Agencies have been placed on red alert to nip in the bud any attempt to cause crisis, burst crimes and deal decisively with anybody caught, fomenting trouble.

“Consequently, parents and guardians are hereby advised to educate their children and wards on the danger and security implication of breaching the peace and security of the state. Parents/guardians should not allow their wards/children to be used to perpetrate crime and criminality. Our youths should take advantage of the peaceful and conducive atmosphere created by government to add value to the society and not to retrogress it especially now that you have a progressive, visionary, responsible, responsive, transparent, purposeful and accountable government putting the state on the map of sustainable development.

“Even in the face of the economic recession ravaging our beloved country, Bayelsa State is still stable for which we should be grateful to government .This stability is largely because your government has always made Bayelsans the cornerstone of the Restoration Agenda. In this era where most state governments can hardly carry out their obligations to the citizens, your government has delivered on most of its promises to the people, amongst which are: sustainable development and protection of lives and property. To sustain the tempo, this government in return, expects maximum civic cooperation from the citizenry and not break down of law and order!

“Government is also not oblivious of the plan of the opposition to capitalize on the on-going reforms in government ministries/ agencies to incite civil servants against the Restoration administration in the state. But this cannot deter government. Governor Dickson is bent on restructuring the Civil Service to effectively and efficiently drive government policies and programmes. At the moment, we have uncovered multifarious deep-rooted problems of pay-roll fraud and wastages in the Civil Service through biometrics verification exercise.

“The aim of this exercise was to rebrand the Service and weed out ghost workers and wastages in order to free resources which would be used to employ our desiring, teeming unemployed youths in the bureaucracy! A Public Service Advisory Committee to be headed by King Alfred Diete-Spiff will be inaugurated in due course by His Excellency, the Governor to aggregate more ideas on how to deepen the ongoing reforms in the bureaucracy.

“The truth however is that, these and other lofty agenda of government cannot be brought to fruition in the face of insecurity. And once there is insecurity, the ordinary people who remain the centre piece of this administration, unfortunately, will be on the receiving side. It is against this backdrop that our youths must continue to support government’s zero tolerance for violence, crime and criminality and as always, refuse to be used as canon folders.

“Finally, no amount of propaganda by the opposition will distract the Restoration Government from delivering on its mandate to the people. Government is willing and ready to always protect lives and property for that is the cardinal essence of government. Law abiding citizens should go about their lawful businesses freely for they have nothing to fear! The law will however catch up with anyone who runs foul of the law!

— Feb 13, 2017 @ 14:05 GMT


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