I Almost Died – Patience Jonathan

Patience Jonathan


Patient Jonathan, Nigerian first lady, recalls some health issues which almost took her life in Aso Rock and thanking God for sparing her life

PATIENCE Jonathan, wife of the president, believes she is lucky to alive. The first lady who has been battling some undisclosed ailment said she suffered another round of ill-health during the re-election campaigns of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Speaking at the farewell service in honour of the First family at the Aso Villa Chapel, on Sunday, May 17, the first lady attributed the illness to the work of Satan. “That campaigning time was a trial for me. Satan came in again and those that know the former president and his wife, her corpse were carried out of this place. We thank God that I and my husband are going alive,” she said.

Explaining further, the first lady said she was struck down with pains and rushed to the hospital in January. At the hospital she asked to go for a major operation immediately. “That was how I went in for the first major operation in January ending. And by God’s grace I went for the operation and came out and it was from that operation that I went to the campaign ground,” she said.

After the operation, Patience Jonathan said she was told she needed another one. “And they told me mama, there is another bigger operation that you have to go in for. This one would not be in this hospital. It is too small for this type of operation. You have to go to a bigger hospital and I said ah ha,” she said. But she did not have to go for the operation after all because when new tests were carried out the ailment had disappeared. “By then, my husband had lost the election. I have packed out of Villa, we are about going. Behold! I went to four hospitals again and the thing had vanished. My doctors were surprised they didn’t think that could happen,” she said.

The first lady, who also recalled that two years ago she had 12 surgeries within a space of one month said she was grateful to be leaving the Aso Rock alive. “I never thought in my life that I will be first lady. I never even dreamt of being wife of a deputy governor because my husband was not a politician. But God made it possible and God lifted us up from deputy governor and here we are,” she said.

—  May 18, 2015 @ 13:53 GMT


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