Prominent stakeholders want me to reposition Nigeria’s football, says Yola

Fri, Sep 23, 2022
By editor


ONE of the presidential aspirants in the forthcoming Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) elections, Alhaji Abba Yola, has disclosed that some stakeholders in the sport are pushing him to reposition the nation’s football.

Yola, a former chairman of Kano Pillars Football Club, however, claims that he is unfazed by the enormity of the task ahead, adding that he knows the ills bedevilling the game and the right way to tackle them.

“I must confess that every sports administrator knows so much about problems stalling our football.

“The solution, however, resides in the will power of individuals to face the problems headlong.

“Many believe that it is better to leave a problem unsolved rather than step on toes, while trying to solve that problem. This is where I stand out. If I see a problem, I take immediate action not minding whose ox would be gored. I don’t like being associated with failure,” he said.

Yola promised to energise the national league by providing it with a major sponsor if voted into power, adding: “We all know that the South African Football League is hot today because Supersports is sponsoring it.

“Truly, I wonder how strong our league could be if a football lover like Alhaji Aliko Dangote was persuaded to step up as the league’s major sponsor.

“This is what I believe I have the capacity to achieve when I become president. Insha Allah, I will achieve these.”

-The Guardian