Realnews in the Eyes of Others #Realnews2019Lecture

Prof. Anya O. Anya

Realnews celebrated its seventh anniversary on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Below is what Nigerians and readers of Realnews, who attended the event think of the online publication, which thrives on business and economy, oil and gas, politics, environment, women and children. Excerpts:


Prof. Anya O. Anya, former chief executive officer, Nigeria Economic Summit Group Limited – I’m one of the supporters of Realnews because you publish contribution lectures by me. I would not be sending you materials if I do not believe that you are doing a very good job. We are impressed with what Realnews is achieving in a difficult terrain like Nigeria with the new technologies. Realnews is doing well.

Waheed Olagunju

Waheed Olagunju, former executive director, Bank of Industry, BoI – I’m highly impressed about Realnews that it is very rich in content and very deep. Its slant in favour of developmental journalism is unequalled in Nigeria. And I have known Maureen for many decades and I’m not surprised at what she has been able to do. I mean this is a fantastic event, having a former President of Ghana and former finance minister of Nigeria here and they all have made very good input to keep the flag flying. I believe that the magazine will continue to come up with stories and initiatives that will inspire and motivate Nigeria and Nigerians to ensure that all hands are on deck in pursuit of our developmental aspirations.

Ralph Akinfeleye

Prof. Ralph Akinfeleye, Department of Mass Communications, University of Lagos – I think Realnews from its name is realnews, which is the first foundation. The second one is to say that I’m very happy and very proud of the management of Realnews, especially Maureen because she was my student in UNILAG and I’m happy she is doing what she was taught to do in Mass Communications in University of Lagos, UNILAG. Again I subscribe to Realnews and I read it every day and I will consider Realnews as equivalent of CNN of Nigeria in terms of frequency, urgency and credibility of reeling out important news about developments in Nigeria. It is very educative and always trying to add value to the news.

Bisi Kazeem

Bisi Kazeem, public education officer, Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC – Realnews has actually come of age in improving everything. We have been associating with them for years now. In fact the publisher has even done some works for FRSC in the Eyes of the Media volume 1, 2 and 3. That is to tell you that we have very solid collaboration with her. If you know us, we don’t associate with anything that is not of standard, so we believe Realnews has come of age and they are doing fine. And that is why continually we have been in touch with them in terms of patronage. We believe that they should continue to maintain the standard and we observed that Realnews doesn’t believe in fake news, blackmail because they go for the real news as the name implies.

Martins Onoja

Martins Onoja, former editor, Guardian Newspapers – I have followed Realnews because it is handled by professionals. I know Maureen very well from her days at News Agency of Nigeria, NAN and specifically Newswatch where she distinguished herself as a serious journalist, who cannot disseminate any fake news. She is a thoroughbred journalist, who does not support any fake news or hate speech. She handled business desk where you need data and she is a pride to financial journalism. She doesn’t get involved in anything that is not serious, that is why I follow her. She is a very serious journalist. Realnews may not be prominent, but it is significant.


Monday Onyekachi Ubani, former second vice president, Nigeria Bar Association, NBA – This discourse that Realnews do every year and bringing important personalities like the former President of Ghana that delivered today’s lecture is very good. The last time I attended it was equally a very big personality to really discuss our political, economic and social issues. To me it is very important that we should give Realnews high level of commendation and respect because you are contributing your own quota towards national development. There is nothing wrong in talking and we hope our leaders are listening and that with all these talks, we can put them into practice so that we can make progress as a nation. So kudos to the Realnews team. You guys are doing well.

Tajudeen Abdulkareem

Tajudeen Abdulkareem, media consultant – Realnews has come of age. The magazine has adhered strictly to professionalism. Within this short time, one is quite impressed about the company’s pursuit of journalistic excellence. It’s been so far so good and we hope that Realnews will strive for higher level than this in the coming years. But so far, it has been a commendable journey and it is a shining example of modern online publishing.


Sanusi A. Aliyu

Sanusi A. Aliyu, official of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC – I see Realnews as a great media house that has been able to rise up to the challenges of  modern times. The Nigerian Communications Commission has been partnering with Realnews for a long while and we have realised overtime that Realnews is one of the media houses that really does a lot of creative events that reflects the challenges of our time and it is really very commendable what they are doing. Like today we are participating at an event that is looking at the global trends, such as oil and now that Nigeria and other African oil producing countries are focusing on alternative income sources, I think the lecture comes at the right time. So I think it is really commendable.

Ahmed Shekarau

Ahmed Shekarau, general manager, Business and Strategy, Daily Trust Newspapers – Frankly speaking, I think Realnews is doing exceedingly well. The reason is that in view of what we know about the background of the publisher in terms of business and economy reporting and one of the very difficult areas in our clan for a lot of our brothers is grappling with numbers, statistics in terms of analysing issues for the appreciation of our audiences, Realnews is giving the people what they deserve. So that is why I said I think Realnews is doing exceedingly well in this respect.

Rev. Fr. Ebenezer A. Akinduro, parish priest, Our Lady Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Isheri, Olofin, Ogun State – Realnews is an online magazine that reveals the truth and brings to light some hidden things because most times when you read what Realnews publish online, you discover that there are so many things that Nigerians don’t know about this country. And aside from knowing them, Realnews reveals to us and equally brings to our knowledge things we should know about Nigeria and how we can react.

Qasim Akinreti
Qasim Akinreti

Qasim Akinreti, chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Lagos State Council – Realnews has redefined journalism, especially the new media, the multimedia journalism. The publisher is one of the best reporters we have around when she was working with NAN. She has been able to bring that niche into the multimedia space. Every morning when you open your phone, the first thing you see is Realnews. The stories that Realnews carry, you can be sure that it is well researched and the publisher has been able to combine her experience in working with a news agency and the modern technology to provide value added services for her numerous clientele. What is so special about Realnews is that, since the first year the platform started, she has been able to bring excellence to journalism and most of her lectures are delivered by eminent personalities across Africa.

The Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ, Lagos State Council is extremely proud of you and the immense contributions of Realnews Magazine online to the growth of journalism. You have remained one of the shining stars of contemporary journalists who has made a tremendous difference and added value to multimedia journalism in Nigeria.

I feel personally fulfilled that Maureen and the staff of Realnews Magazine Online added positively to the global narrative of the finest journalism practice coming from Nigeria.

– Nov. 22, 2019 @ 19:45 GMT |

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