Responding to the Lagos Igbo-investment cancer 

Wed, Nov 29, 2023
By editor


By Abraham Nwankwo

AN intelligent people should compare the money profit they make from investing in Lagos and Kano with the non-financial cost they incur, including: provocation of hatred against the entire Igbo race; brutal disenfranchization of Igbo people during elections in those areas, etc

If, and as, the motive is to maximize wealth and profit, and, if, and as Ala-Igbo has been made highly unfriendly to investment through self-inflicted (South East malgovernance) and external factors, intelligent people, would consider other options that yield as much or more financial benefits, without the odious non-financial costs.

There are millions of safe investment options in Dubai, London, New York, and indeed, the entire International Financial Markets. Intelligent people can explore, understand and strategize to participate in those options. You need to cooperate and commission a study on how to exit Lagos and enter the global market.

What is your objective: to make more wealth and profit OR to develop the land of your adversaries and provoke their aggression against you?

However you look at it, it is foolish, even sinful, to be arming your enemy to fight you; it is first-degree stupidity to be rendering, not only yourself , but your entire ethnic group, vulnerable.

5. Why are you forcing somebody to accept your gift?

Na baì fòs?

Why are you crying more than the bereaved?
Have you come to pay condolence or to lure out the deceased’s dog to steal it?
Does a genuine visitor call the domestic dog by its pet name?

Let’s face it, Igbo businessmen are fumbling because Igbos in general are naive about the political ecology of Nigeria. Unlike the other nationalities who understand the UNWRITTEN CODE of Nigeria, Igbos are operating based on the facade.

That’s the tragedy.


But exiting the Lagos trap is less than half of the historic challenge, which Igbo business elite in particular, and all Igbo businesspeople in general must address: THERE IS NEED FOR A MEDIUM- and LONG-TERM RESPONSE, as well.

They have a responsibility to address the constraints preventing their investment in Ala-Igbo, a market, which de facto and de jure, is their own; their God-given, ancestral-home market.

In particular, they must be interested in the urgent solution to the various faces of the problem of INSECURITY in Ala-Igbo .

Let the Igbo business elite in Lagos and elsewhere, establish a task-force to CONTRIBUTE, in a single-minded way, to the urgent neutralisation of all the forces of insecurity in Ala-Igbo.

Apart from the other reason of responsible Igbozenship, the Igbo business elite should accept this responsibility of redeeming the helpless people of Igboland from the hell of insecurity as a component of their long-term business strategy.
They have the intellectual capacity, entrepreneurial acumen and material resources to produce a solution. What’s preventing action NOW?

You have a historic challenge. Confront it.

***Abraham Nwankwo is a former Director General, Debt Management Office (DMO).

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