Rings as Complementary Fashion Items

Finger rings worn mostly by women and rarely by men to complement their dressing have become very popular fashion items among the youths

|  By Chinwe Okafor  |  Nov. 18, 2013 @ 01:00 GMT

RINGS are fashion accessories worn on fingers to complement dressing. They are almost on every finger of any fashionable human being especially women, although men are not left out also. Even when all other accessories are toned down, the chunky statement is that ring adds glamour to any outfit. A ring is the perfect accent to any dress that speaks for itself. Rings can be a precious possession and are made up of beautiful designs and worn by people of all ages. They can be worn to parties, weddings, anniversaries and any type of event; others wear them even at home.

Perfectly fitted fashion ringsToday, there is a wide variety of fashion rings for men and women ranging from the traditional birthstone rings, cocktail rings, friendship rings, promise rings, rainbow rings for gay pride, thumb rings, mood rings, watch rings, multi-finger rings and others. Realnews findings revealed that these fashion rings are a big hit among the youths who constitute the largest people that wear them. Fashion rings have become popular largely because of people’s need to add value to their dressing and look appealing.

Sandra Nnam, a corps member, loves wearing rings. She complements her looks with fashionable bold rings. “I love wearing them because of their availability in different colours, designs and shapes. I love wearing rings because they complement my dressing and add beauty to my person. I wear rings because they complete my dressing.”  She disagrees with those who regard rings as cheap articles, saying that there are very costly models too. She said they stand her out and give her a touch of uniqueness, adding “it’s a matter of choice because most people do not like rings.”

Amaka Okoye, a graduate of Anambra State University, said rings are not for occasional usage only; they can also be used when wearing casual outfits. She said that rings are easy to get and can be seen almost everywhere such as in plazas, shopping malls, boutiques and the general markets. “They do not require extra cleaning or maintenance of any form or preservation; they maintain their shine if well kept in a cool and dry environment. They do not run out of beauty or colour. Rings can go with any type of dressing if well combined.

Collection of fashion rings
Collection of fashion rings

“The high end costume jewelry rings are made of gold or platinum decorated with precious gemstones such as diamond, sapphire and ruby. Affordable fashion rings are usually made of gold-plated stainless steel, plastic, glass, copper and silver ornamented with synthetic diamonds and gems, beads and fancy pearl. These rings are made with different diametric shapes and cuts to suit a person’s preference; and they can be bought at a cheap price. However, some upper class ladies would prefer buying from world renowned brands.

While many ladies are known to wear various types of fashion rings for each day and numerous occasions, most men do not typically wear rings asides their wedding rings, college rings or status rings for doctors, engineers, scholars, freemasons and others. Obinna Anadi, a student of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, said he does not wear rings because he sees them as fashion items for women and not men. “I wonder why a man will choose to buy a ring and wear apart from his wedding ring. Though, I see men who wear them but I don’t think I’ll be able to do such because I don’t like them. Though I buy rings for my sisters but I can’t wear them,” he said.

However, investigations have revealed that the wearing of rings dates back to about 6,000 years ago when they were used mainly to signify slavery and power or status in a society or serve as lucky charms to dispel evil and witchcraft. Rings then were made of stones, glass, bones, plastics, gemstones and metals. As time went on, rings became much more than a figure of power and status in a culture. Today, rings have become synonymous with engagements and weddings.

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