Seafarers decry Ghanaian’s dominance on fishing trawlers

Thu, Jan 31, 2019 | By publisher


SOME disengaged Nigerian seafarers on Thursday alleged that Ghanaians have taken over their jobs.

They said that Ghanaians now dominated the the trawling business in Nigeria and called for government’s intervention to save them from losing jobs.

They alleged that the ugly trend had rendered so many Nigerian trained sailors jobless, while Ghanaians were having a field day in the fishing business.

The sailors told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that many of the Ghanaians, who lacked the requisite entry papers, were accepting pay far below the industry average.

Mr Emmanuel Nwaude, a former seafarer,  said that even some Nigerian trawlers were employing Ghanaians  more than their fellow nationals.

Nwaude, who had worked for 10 years on board was retrenched in 2017 without compensation, said that life had been a hell for him without a job and catering for a family of four.

The sailor alleged that only few Nigerians made the crew in one of the leading trawlers in Nigeria with 86 trawling vessels, .

“In a crew of 12 to 14 as the case may be, it is only one or two Nigerian sailors that you will see on board, the rest are Ghanaian’s who are not better than our men.

“It is disgusting that after spending a fortune to acquire certification coupled with on the job experience, one will be displaced by other nationals in his own county,” Nwaude said.

Mr Friday Akpan, a marine engineer, said that the delay by NIMASA to update seafarers’ documents had denied many of the opportunity to sail.

The engineer, who alleged that he was denied employment on board a vessel in Ghana in 2014 for not stamping entry in his passport, expresses regret over the nonchalant attitude of  immigration officers in Nigeria.



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