Stop overheating the polity - APC Group tells female NEC members

Mon, Jul 17, 2023
By editor


A leading support group of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC Youth Renaissance, has advised the elected female national APC officers and zonal women leaders not to overheat the polity, urging them to further refrain from exhibiting characters that will create confusion and disharmony in the party.

The group issued the statement in reaction to the false allegations against the National Women Leader of the party, Betta Edu, in Abuja on Sunday.

Saying it is laughable that less than 24-hours after 37 APC women leaders in the 36 states of federation plus the Federal Capital Territory passed a vote of confidence on Edu’s leadership, some group of over-ambitious elements within the party decided to embarrass the entire leadership of the party and President by sponsoring the publication of fabricated stories against the National Women Leader.

We are aware that the opposition is still not happy over the role Edu played against them by mobilising women across the federation to vote for APC in the last election; especially in the South formerly regarded as the strong hold of the opposition.

Therefore, we know that they will surely fight back using some of their stooges within the party to create false impression about imaginary disharmony in our party so as to distract the President from executing his Renewed Hope Agenda for the country.

Besides, from independent investigations conducted by the surveillance unit of our group, we understand that the said Presidential visit was to be done in batches based on hierarchical order, which started with the elected national women officials and zonal women leaders of the party.

The next batch would be that of the Zonal and Female NEC members within the party.

The statement released after the first phase of the Presidential visit said: “We understand their desire and anxiety to meet with Mr. President and we assure them that the President will also be very happy to meet with them all. He runs an open-door policy.

“The Zonal and Female NEC members in APC will have their turn as everyone cannot visit the President at once.”

“The engagements will happen in batches and more women will be involved.”

“Let’s be patient and be rest assured that the request presented by the National Women Leader and the women from the 36 states of the federation as well as FCT covered the interests of all Nigerian women and APC women in particular, who worked so hard for his victory in the last elections.

“Accordingly, we wish to express our greatest dismay over the unfortunate action of these over-ambitious elements within our party.

“Instead of using the power of motherhood to disseminate the right information about the policies and programmes of the President in the face of the growing tension across the country, these over-ambitious elements decided to lower the estimation of their real worth over mere Presidential visit.

“Therefore, we urge them to tender unreserved apology to the President and members of the party for dancing naked in the market square,” the statement signed Collins Edwin, National Secretary, APC Youth Renaissance, said.


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