Strategic leadership, compulsory in the digital age: former UK Minister for Africa

Mon, Jul 31, 2023
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SIR James Duddridge (Member of the UK Parliament and former Minister who has served in the cabinet of three Prime Ministers) says that strategic leadership is a compulsory requirement in the present digital age.

Duddridge, one of the faculty in the coming executive leadership development programme of TEXEM UK, asserted in a statement on TEXEM’s website ( issued by its Director, Special Projects, Caroline Lucas.

He said that, unfortunately, providing leadership in politics and business has become progressively more difficult in Africa and many parts of the world.

According to the faculty, the digital age is a great opportunity, but there are also risks.

“A thriving political career or business can be killed in a tweet or even a retweet.
Business and political leaders need to understand that all their utterances can be sent worldwide with a click of a mouse.
“Leaders need to be consistent in communications; this is widely understood.

“What is less well understood is the need for safe spaces to develop ideas, test concepts, and challenge conventional wisdom away from the glare of the digital age,” Duddridge said.

The statement explained that the coming programme, tagged “Strategic Leadership for Success in a Digital Age”, takes place from Aug. 21 to Aug. 24 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in the UK.

It revealed that the event offers an exclusive opportunity for Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, CEOs, Chief Investment Officers, and Chief Operating Officers.

“It will enable them to
unlock the full potential of strategic leadership and drive their organisations to unprecedented success in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

“TEXEM UK recognises that staying ahead in the digital age requires more than just understanding cutting-edge technology.

“Hence, the programme focuses on empowering participants with the requisite skills and knowledge needed to become exceptional leaders who can drive their organisations to unparalleled success,” the statement enumerated.

One unique highlight of the programme is the opportunity of a working visit to a leading company, where participants would gain firsthand insights into strategies that drive real-world success.

According to the statement, the benefits of participating in the programme are manifold, as it will position participants as strategic leaders prepared to excel in the digital era.

“With global economic challenges of high inflation, managing in a fluctuating foreign exchange world, rising operating costs and stiff international competition, global leaders must understand the pitfalls and opportunities of a digital age.

“Staying abreast of the latest technological tools is crucial in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

“Participants will discover how to leverage digital advancements to gain a competitive edge,” the statement added.

Some eminent Nigerians who participated in past TEXEM programmes commended the firm.

Ifeanyi Ani, CEO of Total Pension CPFA,  TEXEM alumni, remarked, “My favourite thing about the programme would be…drawing our attention again to… change,  which has been a constant in life experiences.

“You know,  change in our lives, change, you know, in businesses,…the evolution of businesses and the way we do things…discussions,  for example,  on cyber security and mental health.

“This is not just equipping us to know what is happening around us,  even equipping us personally,  our mental health,  paying attention to the ever-evolving cyber security… Those are things I would say that made it very, very interesting”.

Ambassador Mustafa Sam, Non-Executive Director, Jaiz Bank, made the following statement:

“I found that it’s quite a new approach to workshops than I’m used to because I’ve attended so many workshops organised by other organisations.

“But I found that the approach made by TEXEM is quite different”.

Prof. John Peters (Former Chair of the Association of MBAs that Accredits Harvard, INSEAD, Stanford & London Business) and Professor Paul Griffith (the world’s first Professor of Management to lead a team to launch a rocket into space) are the other faculty.

Also, Ambassador Charles Crawford (Advisor to world leaders, including the late Queen of England and the President of the International Atomic Agency) is a faculty member at the coming executive leadership development programme. (NAN) 


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