Syria’s al-Assad in Moscow for talks with Putin on Wednesday

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visits Russian President Vladimir Putin

SYRIAN President Bashar al-Assad arrived late Tuesday in Moscow for a visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, al-Assad’s office said.

Al-Assad and Putin will meet on Wednesday, state media in Syria and Russia reported.

A Kremlin statement said the two would discuss mutually beneficial political, humanitarian, and economic cooperation.

Russia has been a critical ally of al-Assad since the civil war started in Syria in 2011.

Russia, Turkey, and Iran are the patrons of the so-called Astana format, where representatives of the Syrian government and opposition are negotiating the country’s future.

All three states have their own interests in Syria.

Russia, for example, maintains important military bases there.

Russian state media said Putin and al-Assad last met in September 2021 when the Syrian president travelled to Moscow. (dpa/NAN)