The Johnsons: I asked colleagues to prepare for end of the series – Charles Inojie

Sat, Mar 2, 2024
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Says, ‘I will miss the family bond we have built over the years’

NOLLYWOOD actor Charles Inojie has recounted the impact the now rested  “The Johnsons” will have on the cast and crew of the popular TV series.

He said “The family bond which we have built over the years would be greatly missed.”

Inojie, who directed the series for six years, said this, in a telephone chat with NollyNow yesterday. The comic actor announced the end of the series, which aired on Africa Magic for 13 years on his Instagram page during the week. The story revolved around the middle class family of The Johnsons as they struggled to survive in Lagos and eventually became successful.

Speaking on what he would miss about the series, the comic actor said it would be the family unit they have built over the years aside from their nuclear families. “This is because I have been with the same set of people all year round for 13 years. We have built a very strong family bond,” Inojie said.

Inojie revealed that he had long advised his colleagues to prepare for any eventuality.

“Each time I had to address the team, I always advised them that they should be prepared for a day like this. It was something I envisaged would happen,” the actor disclosed.

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On how other cast of the series reacted to the resting of “The Johnsons”, Inojie said, “Definitely, reactions are going to differ, especially for someone who recently celebrated joining the cast of the series and shortly after, he or she is confronted with the fact that the series has been rested. His or her reaction would be different. But for me, I have been prepared for it.” Inojie added.

Produced by Canada-based Nigerian filmmaker, Rogers Ofime, the idea behind “The Johnsons” which aired from 2012 in English and Hausa was conceived by screenwriter Ike Umeadi. In 2023, the series clinched the Best Original Comedy Series title at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, AMVCA.

Other actors who starred in the series include Lumide Oworu, Chinedu Ikedieze, Susan Pwajok. , Seun Adebajo-Osigbesanm, Bukky Babalola and Stephanie Zibili.


2nd March, 2024.