TTOG, Global Village Extra, GLDYNAMIC Solutions to hold Wellness conference

L-R: Dr. Jane Ujoatu, Dr. Oganah-Ikujenyo (PhD), and Emmy Johnson
L-R: Dr. Jane Ujoatu, Dr. Oganah-Ikujenyo (PhD), and Emmy Johnson

TTOG and Global Village Extra, GVE, in collaboration with GLDYNAMIC Solutions is set to hold an hour-long health and wellness conference via Zoom with the theme “Eating The Right Foods”.

In a statement signed on Wednesday by GVE Publisher, Taiye Olayemi, the conference is expected to promote awareness of all aspects of wellness to a global audience.

According to the statement, “The event gives the audience an exciting opportunity to learn from a team of seasoned professionals, who would share educational information and provide valuable tips on how to eat right through speaking, and interactive activities.

“Health and Wellness: Eating The Right Foods Conference is scheduled for December 12th, 2020 from: 4-5pm (WAT), 3-4pm (London), 9-10am (Central Standard Time), 10-11am (Eastern Standard Time), on Zoom.

“The conference has 3 distinguished speakers namely Emmy Johnson, Oganah-Ikujenyo, PhD, and Dr. Jane Ujoatu.

“Emmy Johnson has expertise in treating and caring for individuals who have eating disorders and dysphoria.

Johnson incorporates #healthyateverysize, which seeks to de-stigmatize the existence and health of fat people and encourages healthy relationships with food and body.

“Emmy will speak about our relationships to our own bodies and what we can do to better understand its natural responses to stress, danger, and trauma.

“Oganah-Ikujenyo, PhD, is a lecturer, nutritionist, and home economist with over 2 decades of experience.

“She will be speaking on the protein deficiency apparent in Nigeria that has been compounded by #covid_19 and a #recession. She posits that making nutrition education as early as possible is a priority that will help combat the nutritional decline of children and their families.

“The third speaker, Dr. Jane Ujoatu, is a Doctor of Public Health who has passion for improving population health through healthy nutrition by addressing health disparities, especially in low-income communities in order to make societies better. She is also committed to community engagement, volunteering, mentorship for dietetics students and young professionals, as well as in leadership development.

“TTOG Health and Wellness Conference: Eating The Right Foods looks forward to this exciting opportunity to bring together a global audience and to educate them on the importance of eating healthy to prevent disease and improve their lives.

“We believe that audience participation will contribute to the success of this event.  For any inquiries, feel free to contact Nova Gardner at:
or Taiye Olayemi at:

– Dec. 10, 2020 @ 09:49GMT |

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