Ukraine leaves 3.3m in dire need on frontline -IOM

Sat, Apr 13, 2024
By editor


THE International Organisation for Migration (IOM) says Ukrainians remain under “constant attack” and 3.3 million people  living on the frontline need emergency assistance urgently.

IOM’s Director General, Ms Amy Pope, in a statement, warned that the situation had worsened in Ukraine after rocket fire killed dozens in the east and south of the country,

“Displaced people and host communities need urgent assistance as they continue to endure missile strikes, destruction of infrastructure and frequent power cuts,’’ she said.

The UN Migration Agency estimates that some 800,000 children live on the frontline, just some of the more than 14.6 million people in Ukraine ,who need humanitarian aid amid Russia’s continuing invasion.

The agency has helped thousands of displaced people near the frontline and elsewhere in Ukraine with immediate and longer-term needs, including restoring livelihoods and supporting community resilience.

In a related development, UN Agency for Outer Space Aaffairs (UNOOSA) ,says humankind must get away from the cold war concept of a ‘space race’, even as commercial competition hots up to exploit the potential of the cosmos.

UNOOSA Director , Ms Aarti Holla-Maini, said this is a message to mark the International Day for Human Space Flight.

According to her, everyone has a role to play in  peaceful exploration of space.

“It is  not just for the geeks and the nerds who like engineering.

“Now, we’re really looking at space science and space exploration and looking for the most innovative and pragmatic approaches to that, and that is why we are seeing more commercial companies getting involved.”she said .

Holla-Maini also said that the  private sector allowed  national space agencies like NASA in the United States, to spread their risk, keep costs down, be bolder in their ambition and increase the chances of success.

She said as space debris increases in the Earth’s orbit and beyond, the UN would bring stakeholders together to discuss potential new guidelines for international oversight. (NAN)

13th April, 2024.