Uzbekistan warns TikTokers against indecent videos


UZBEKISTAN on Tuesday warned young TikTokers and their parents against shooting indecent videos, saying the behavior sets a bad example to others and may lead to administrative arrest.

In a video message, spokesperson for the Internal Affairs Ministry Shohruh Giyasov said there is a bad trend on social networks, including TikTok, a popular short video platform, where some young people “not only just fool around, but also violate the public order’’ to attract attention to themselves.

Giyasov warned both young people and their parents that the ministry would not tolerate “inappropriate behavior in public places and mockery of the public order’’ for the sake of shooting a TikTok video.

The violation of public order, viewed as hooliganism in the country, is punishable by up to 15 days in jail, he added.

In recent weeks, some videos posted on TikTok caused public outrage in the country of 34 million.

In some TikTok videos, Uzbek youths dance at a busy crossroad and mock drivers, or loudly play around in a metro wagon shocking other passengers.


– Jan. 12, 2020 @ 17:20 GMT |

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