What would Peter Obi have done differently?

Thu, Feb 22, 2024
By editor


AMIDST the grinding hardship in Nigeria that has made citizens groan and protest spontaneously in some States of the federation, the question has been asked by those in government about what Peter Obi, the Labour Party, presidential candidate in 2023 election would have done differently.

Some officials and supporters of the ruling party asked the question based on the fact that all the major candidates in the 2023 presidential election promised to remove fuel subsidy and address the lopsided forex dealing during the electoral campaigns.

However, some anonymous Netziens have seized the moment to compile actions President Bola Tinubu took which they said contributed to the morass the country is in that Obi would not have taken.

Below is a list of wrong policies compiled by a Netziens that caused the terrible hardship for the country. 

Peter Obi would not give 1.9 billion Naira to buy cars.

Peter Obi would not buy 5 billion Naira Yatch.

Peter Obi would not give 20.1 billion Naira to Datti to renovate his residence.

Peter Obi would not allow law markers to buy a car of 160 million Naira each when millions of Nigerians could barely eat.

Peter Obi would not appoint his son-in-law as head of FHA and also approved 126 billion for him on the second day.

Peter Obi would not hijack oil blocks and contracts for his nephew.

Peter Obi would have invested in agriculture, primary health care, education etc…….

He would have given Nigerians us a breakdown of how much have been saved from subsidy since the month it was removed and tell us where the money is being invest and ask us to go and verify every single kobo spent.

Peter Obi won’t increase the price of schools fees when people are still struggling 

Peter Obi won’t put housing first when people are suffering. Over 126billion naira was approved for his in-law

Peter Obi would have started with security and electricity. Only the goodwill of men would have helped him. People in diaspora would have sent their hard currencies because they trusted him and he would have enjoyed support of the masses

Peter Obi wouldn’t have approved the sum of N3 billion to his inner cycle loyalists, just for the purpose of identifying 11 million vulnerable citizens in Nigeria.

Peter Gregory Obi would not pack over 1000 irrelevant people to a summit in Dubai 

Peter Obi would not travel on medical trips to France every Eke market day. He would have visited all the power stations in the country and would have started doing something about electricity.

He would have visited north many times to do something about farming.

Peter Obi would not embarrass Nigeria this way 

Peter Obi would have been negotiating contracts directly himself and make sure no contract will be padded.

Peter Obi will not have removed subsidy recklessly without well thought out plan in place to caution the effect of the removal. He would have done it in phases.

Peter Obi wouldn’t have released the sum of 24,143,494,567.32 billion naira to the NAHCON Chairman through Datti’s office.

Peter Obi will never listen to and implement IMF policy ideas against home grown solutions

Peter obi would have set up the diaspora remittance scheme rather than going cap in hand to borrow from IMF, nexim bank or world bank. Over 20billion. Peter obi will attract FDI in numbers.

Peter OBi would have reduced salaries and allowances of president, vice president and nation assembly members from day one. Up to the government department and Agencies and Peter obi would have increased minimum wage before Removing fuel subsidy.

Peter Obi would have inspired confidence from Nigerians, home and abroad. International lenders and investors would be confident the Govt is serious.

Obi will have listening ears especially to the poor, and with pressure of high expectations from the youths, he will definitely put in 100% work, every well meaning Nigerian saw the light. 


And because Peter Obi will not do all these,you’ll see a working National Assembly and a functional Judiciary delivering justice thus creating the rule of law which inturn will attract foreign investment because investors will believe in the justice system of the nation.


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