Wigs: Traders make brisk business in Jos


TRADERS in Jos are capitalising on the resurgence of use of wigs among women to make brisk business, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

The trend which has gained prominence among women in parts of the country in recent times is an indicator of the revolving nature of fashion in modern-day society.

Some of the users, sellers and others that spoke with NAN on Tuesday in Jos, hold different opinions on the shift from the use of natural hair to the use of wigs.

Mr James Okon, a seller of the commodity, said he had been in the business for three years and had made abundant earnings from its sales.

“There is a lot of money in wig business. I am living in my own house and I have a car, my children are in school and everyone is happy,’’ Okon said.

Another seller at the terminus market, Jos, Mrs Rose Nduka, told NAN that she sold between N200,000 and N250, 000 worth of wigs daily and sold more during the Yuletide.

“We sell different types, length and colours of wigs and we have different prices ranging from as low as N1, 500 to those of N120,000 for natural human hair; so we are here for everybody,’ Nduka said.

Chioma Okpon, a user, said that she bought hers for N1, 500 and had four other varieties at home.

“Wigs come pre-styled and they are easy to use and maintain as you do not have to go to the salon to clean your wigs , just with warm water and shampoo one can clean within the comfort of her house,’’Okpon said.

Kate Adeyemi, another user, said that the advantage of the wig over other styles was the ease of change, and the facts that there were hundreds of styles and colours to choose from.

Dora Kelechi, another user, told NAN that wigs usually buoyed her feelings and gave her an aura of strength.

Mr Jerry Ike, a businessman, said wearing of wigs could be embarrassing, especially during a fight; as that would be the first place of target of the woman’s opponent.

“And also if not properly maintained it may produce offensive odour.

“I have seen a woman running and her wig fell off; or sometimes just a slight struggle and the wig is on the floor,’’ Ike said.

However, Dr Amai Doshima, said wig had no medical Implication, but that if it was made too tight it might possibly cause obstruction to the flow of blood through the blood vessels.

“Sometimes if the wig is not well maintained it can harbour some micro organism which has serious health implication to the user,’’ Doshima said. (NAN)

– Jan. 15, 2020 @ 18:32 GMT |

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