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BY the time you will be reading this we will be already in the New Year. As at the time of writing this piece, it’s remaining five days to the end of the year. And most people are already counting their gains and losses in 2014. Those who recorded appreciable results in their endeavour will resolve to do better in the year 2015, while those who lost out will equally resolve to do better in the New Year. And so everybody is looking at 2015 with a lot of optimism and apprehension.

The optimism springs from the belief that a new year will invariably bring good tidings to remedy the wrongs of the old year. There is also apprehension because of the desperate situations in the country caused by Boko Haram insurgency, insecurity that pervades the land and the palpable fear that things will fall apart completely in 2015, going by the prediction of the US State Department many years ago. Some Nigerians are apprehensive over 2015 because of the general elections and because the year appears pregnant with uncertainty over the country’s economic and revenue blues as a result of fall in crude oil prices; with whatever will happen depending on who wins and loses the election both at the federal and state levels.

It is expected that there will be violent eruption is some volatile states. On the other hand, some diehard optimist think that the elections will come and go and Nigeria and Nigerians will trudge on as if nothing happened. Whichever, way it goes, the Realnews team is very mindful of all the permutations and challenges and has decided to put the major happenings of the year in perspective to remind us of where we were coming from in 2014, to enable us prepare for where we are headed in 2015 as a country. To do this effectively, we have chronicled major events in the year in politics, economy, judiciary, sports, education, entertainment not forgetting the big winners and losers in the last edition of the year, published January 5, 2015. It is entitled the Events of the Year 2014 and done in segments by members of our editorial team. Your will enjoy reading the scintillating prose. Happy New Year!

Maureen Chigbo


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— Jan. 5, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT


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  1. We sure need this reminder if only Nigerians will take to heart our failings with a desire to correcting them. Unfortunately, most Nigerian don’t read and we all seem to forget so easily as if nothing had happen. As you call it we are die-hard which is not a good commentary. In this spirit the politicians are behaving as if they are God not minding what happens as a fallout of their actions or in-actions.
    The so-called primary elections was nothing more than imposition in most states thereby subjugating the will of the people. This was what lead to the fall of the first republic and may well become the albatross of this republic. Politicians better be careful and we all better be watchful/

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