Federal government has been unjust, unfair to Nigerians  - Prof. Anya

Thu, Feb 9, 2023
By editor


By Anthony Isibor

PROF. Anya O. Anya, former Director General of Nigerian Economic Summit Group, NESG, says that the federal government has been unjust, unfair to all Nigerians and that there would be no winners or losers in the forthcoming presidential election because the problems of the country at the moment will only be solved by the contributions of everybody.

Speaking to Realnews Magazine in an exclusive interview in Lagos on the “State of the Nation and the forthcoming general elections” Anya noted that it is not going to be easy to say who is the winner because “we need everybody to start in reorganizing and rebuilding the nation”.

According to him, there are times that negative people teach you a lesson, even if the lesson is to teach you what should not happen. That is also something meaningful. And that at times people who in man’s eyes have failed, could begin their real success if they learn from those failures.

The octogenarian, who stated that the country’s political system has undergone a fundamental shift in the way that people approach power, accept power, and use power, expressed satisfaction that the 2023 general elections have been divinely orchestrated by God. According to him, any political party that fails to realize this shift will likely be left out of the new system.

“You see, people do not realize that there has been a fundamental shift in Nigerian politics in the last two to three years.

“First and foremost, it is clear that the moral basis of governance and the moral basis of practicing politics are no longer alive in Nigeria and that is why we are in the mess that we are in with the level of violence, the level of deceit. But nevertheless, as I said recently in a different context, other countries have gone through it and have come out from it.

“I have told friends that I can see the Hand of God in what is happening, even as ridiculous as it may sound, even the candidates that have emerged; at least with the three major parties that have emerged, it is clear to me that God’s Hand is in it. But are we prepared to patiently look at what God wants to do, and therefore what he expects us to do?

“I believe that God is showing us the various levels of leadership in the society; therefore those that are acceptable to him, and those that are not acceptable. May we see, may we hear, may we push for the right things to return as the dominant ethos in the country.

“Even the emergence of the candidates of the major contenders, I believe God’s Hand is in it. He picked up who he picked up in APC, he picked up who he picked up in PDP, and he picked up who he picked up in Labour Party. And the differences between them and what they have told Nigerians could not be clearer than it is.

“As I said in a recent interview, where I looked at the problem in the PDP for example, they are trying to do things the way they have always done it. It’s not working, because the moral basis for action has been redefined in the way they have chosen their candidates and the rest of it. So, what we should pray is that God’s intervention should continue and be more evident, so that people can be guided.

“But the young men and young women are giving us the indications of the way they want us to go, and let’s not forget, they have more stake than I have. At 86 years, I have seen the best I can see, for them, the future is still ahead, and this year will shape that future. So what the children want, what they are clamouring, is what should guide us.

“At least, they have shown that, first, that it is possible to organize this country and run even a mass movement smoothly. Second, they have also shown the ideals and the expectations that are important in the development of the society, and they were prepared to pay the price. But they were not prepared for the violence,” he said.

Prof. Anya, who had served this country in various capacities, wondered how Nigeria has this level of poverty, this number of children that are out of school and how can we have the kind of humongous sums that are being mentioned?

“We have the case of the Accountant General of the Federation where we are talking about billions, N100 billion or more being taken away from the treasury, it doesn’t make sense. What do you do with that kind of money anyway?

“All those things that the young men say have happened and are happening. So ultimately, the sorting out of all these problems is by restoring Nigeria to the path of growth in the economic sense, of peace and justice. And I believe it will start this year,” he added.