Israeli forces shoot Palestinian for `behaving suspiciously` at checkpoint


Israel security forces on Monday shot a Palestinian man who had been behaving suspiciously and ignored guards’ calls to stop at the Qalandiya checkpoint between the West Bank and Israel.

The man is in serious condition, The Times of Israel reported.

Earlier, it was reported that the man was trying to carry out a stabbing attack. However, police later clarified that he was not trying to carry out an attack.

According to police, the man began walking in a section of the checkpoint reserved for automobiles.

“From an initial investigation, it appears the guards called for him to stop several times and when he did not answer their calls, they carried out an arrest protocol in which they fired at his lower body.

The man is reportedly in serious condition. Medics were called to the scene.

“The circumstances of the event are being investigated,” the police said.

In August, guards at Qalandiya shot a deaf man who didn’t hear them calling on him to leave a restricted area. (ANI/NAN)

– Dec. 7, 2020 @ 16:35 GMT |

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