Moringa, the Wonder Plant

Moringa plant
Moringa plant

Moringa plant is believed to have ingredients to cure more than 300 ailments and provide vitamins for health nourishment

|  By Augustine Adah  |  Feb. 18, 2013 @ 01:00 GMT

Atta Fenni
Atta Fenni

ESTHER Obike, a school teacher in Ikorodu, Lagos, has been suffering from ulcer for a long time. She had visited several hospitals in search of appropriate medication but could not get any succor.  About two weeks ago, she was introduced to Moringa seed by a member of her church. Since then, Obike has noticed a tremendous improvement in her health condition. “I heard of moringa and how it can cure many diseases. A member of my church gave few seed for a try. Now, I can tell you that I have noticed a lot of improvement than before,” Obike said. Similarly,  Seyi Olabokunde,  a civil servant based in Lagos, has also testified to the medicinal value of moringa plant which he said was used effectively to stop his wife’s cough. “That night, my wife was coughing profusely, but when I gave her two seed of moringa, it stopped completely”, Olabokunde said.

Moringa tree called Zogale in Hausa language, has been described as the “miracle tree” because of its ability to cure several diseases. It also has much nutritional values.  It is estimated that moringa has the capacity to cure more than 300 diseases. Some of the diseases are: high blood pressure, diabetes, high body cholesterol, and ulcer. It also protects kidney and liver from infections.  The plant is said to be rich in vitamins A and C and vitamins.

Infact, every part of the moringa tree from the stem to the leaves is beneficial to the body. The fresh leave can be used like vegetable to cook soup, and the dried leaf can be brewed to make tea. The dried leave and seed can also be ground into powder and used as beverages.

Uzor Okoro, a health education teacher based in Lagos confirmed that every part of moringa plant can be consumed without any side effect. He advised people to consume every part of the tree because of its nutritional value and the ability to cure and protect the body from germs.  Like the local herbs and vegetable, Okoro said it is difficult to give a rigid prescription but advised people taking it for the first time, to start with few seeds daily because body reaction differs.   He claimed that he knew many people with high body cholesterol that became normal after using the plant.

Atta Fenni, a Ghanian based in Nigeria who has about 15 acres of moringa farm in Ghana, stated that the demand for moringa in Africa, is overwhelming because of its power to cure many diseases. Fenn,i who has a large number of customers especially in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, explained that some soils are not good for the high yield of moringa plant. Places like Jos, Plateau State and some states in the Northern part of the country have a favourable soil for the growth of moringa.

Seyi Olabokunde
Seyi Olabokunde

Apart from the healing power of moringa, the plant has a high economic value. For instance, a 50kg of the seed is sold for N140, 000. Those who cannot afford to buy in large quantities have the privilege of buying in small containers like plastic rubbers. It costs between NI, 000 to N12, 000.  Several organisations and groups in Africa, have been working to maximize the commercial use of moringa tree. They are Christian Family Ministry, Ghana, Ark of Life Ministries, Zambia, Centre for Development and Entreprises, South Africa, Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria, Moringa Energie Development, Senegal, and Rural Women Movement, South Africa.  Also as a result of moringa’s power to cure diseases, many pharmaceutical companies all over the world are seriously working on the plant to extract its active ingredients to produce drugs for the benefit of both human beings and animals.

Several universities and research institutions have also conducted research on moringa tree. Some of them are the University of Wisconsin, U.S.A, the University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, University of Calcuta, India, and Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A. The result of their research  work which confirmed multiple benefits of moringa has helped to make it very popular. Moringa tree, which was discovered many years ago, is known all over the world for its health benefits.

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  1. Thanks for this education. especially to those who don’t believe it works. l use to cough every night but now, it’s a past. Thanks to moringa

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