Python Dance II: Chidoka Campaign to Check Rights Violations



THE Osita Chidoka Campaign Organisation has noted the heavy deployment of troops and weapons to the southeast states by the military for its operation, code-named “Exercise Egwu Eke II” (Python Dance II) in the region.

The campaign recalled that earlier on September 3, it had issued a statement cautioning the federal government and security agencies against the use of force in handling issues related to the agitation in the region.

A statement issued by the campaign organisation today stated: “Whereas we are not against any GENUINE effort to ensure security of life and property and rid our region of criminal elements, we are equally concerned about the safety and well-being of our regular citizens who are now falling victim of reported abuses and infractions by unscrupulous uniformed men as usually associated with such operations, some of such resulting in avoidable loss of lives, as now being witnessed in the region.

“The Osita Chidoka Campaign Organization is therefore not leaving anything to chance regarding this operation, which involves “raids, stop and search, roadblocks, checkpoints and show of force”, even when the region is not at war.

“While we call on all our citizens to be peaceful and law-abiding, we will definitely not accept any deliberate act of provocation, harassment or infringement on the constitutionally guaranteed rights of our people by uniformed men, and for this we demand from the military high command, assurances of utmost professionalism and strict observance to international best practices and approved rules of engagement.

“Consequently, our campaign has set up strong machinery that will closely monitor issues and ensure that cases of infraction against the constitutionally guaranteed rights of our people are immediately taken up whenever and wherever they occur during this trying time.

“Already, we have lawyers and human rights activists who have volunteered to work with us on pro bono basis to ensure that any act of infraction against the constitutionally guaranteed rights of any of our people is immediately taken up through legal and constitutional means.

“In the light of this, our citizens are availed of our campaign website ( and mobile app (ositadinma2017 on playstore) to upload pictures and videos, and report any infringement on their rights. They can also make use of phone numbers on our website, mobile app and fliers to share useful information accordingly.

“Our sole aim is to ensure that the safety and well-being of innocent and law-abiding citizens are ultimately guaranteed. On this, we are ready and willing to work with all relevant government agencies as well as well-meaning individuals and groups,” the statement signed by Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie, director, Media, Osita Chidoka Campaign said..

According to her, the Osita Chidoka Campaign and the United Progressive Party, UPP, believe in the people. “We believe in their dignity and will therefore do all, without fear, to ensure that their rights as individuals under the constitution are not infringed upon.”

“We are aware of the enormous confidence our people repose in us and we will not let them down, even as we work hard to ensure the success of the candidate with their mandate, Chief Osita Chidoka in the November 18, 2017 Anambra governorship election,” she said.


– Sept 11, 2017 @ 12:39 GMT


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  1. Nwodo thinks he can intimidste the rest Nigerians by continually fanning the embars of hate, using marginalization as his theme? Now he has invented his own phrase – Python dance in reference to the legitimate duty of our sevurity operatives. He should know that to engage in propaganda as a leader of Ohaneze does not potray him as one. He is only showing Nigerians that he is the one that has inherited that from the Chukwumerije of lasting memory, the propaganda-in-chief of the defunct biafra. Just two or so years ago, Nwodo never knew this marginalization vocabulary because his Igbos were in charge. Even if the leadership of this country is enthrusted on Nwodo today, he will never stop his song of marginalization. Nwodo dhould know that Nigetia does not belong to Igbos and the two other ethnic groups alone. He must stop this his Python dance before he plunges into another avoidable crisis of which he does not know when and how it will end.

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