Mixed Legacies of Jonathan Ministers

As long as their tenure lasted they were the backbone of the President Goodluck Jonathan administration; their successes and their failures are what Nigerians are left with as they the new administration of General Muhammadu Buhari, president-elect takes over on May 29, to improve on

2014: Year of Political Activities

THE year 2014 promised to be an eventful one in Nigerian politics. It did not disappoint; more so because it preceded the year 2015 which had been slated for Nigerian general elections. As expected there were several political moves, mudslinging and horse-trading in the political firmament. The year …

Big Winners, Big Losers

THE year 2014 recorded a lot of big time winners and losers in all sectors in the country starting with politics, socio-economic, and so on. President Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari were winners in the year as they emerged as the presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, …

PDP’s Game of Survival

– After suffering factionalisation and defections to the opposition All Progressives  Congress, the Peoples Democratic Party is now fighting back […]